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Stories About Facing Fear (U.K.)

is a

Millennium Award recipient

and sponsored by

UnLtd - The Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs

Munich, Germany (2006)




Clint reading from My Watch Doesn't Tell Time to a group of intelligent readers during Germany's (Große für Kleine) Nationaler Vorlesetag '06 (National Reading Day).

Munich, Germany (2006)

During a visit to the Hugendubel bookstore at Salvatorplatz, the students from Munich's European International School in Perlach, asked some of the most thoughtful questions ever.

Admont, Austria (2006)

feedback from some of the students in Bad Ischl, Admont and Hallstatt, Austria:

Dear Clint Adams!
I really enjoyed reading your book because the language you chose was easy to understand. But I also liked the way you wrote about such a difficult and important topic. All in all I think it is a great book and I am sure that I will buy the following novels also.
--Anna Rainbacher

I liked your book a lot! It was very interesting to learn something about EB, because I didn’t know anything about this disease. I also like your ideas about fear, faith, believing in yourself and God. The “to do list” a good idea! (Thank you for the one you gave to us when you visited us at school!) -- Sabine

In my opinion the book is very well written and is written in an easy style. The book facilitates a short sight into the life of a child with a disease like AIDS or EB to us. For me the book is fascinating and people of any age should read it. If there is a part to criticize then it’s the ending of the book, when Miguel gets to know the other boy, called Miguel too. I would have written this part in more detail.
--Schmied Michael

Admont, Austria (2006)

I like the book because the characters were very interesting and individuals. I have never before read a book dealing with such people and so I was excited to read about thoughts and behaviors of them, which I can’t understand. It was easy for me to follow the action and understand the situation.I really want to read another one of your books. --Linortner Carina

I liked to read your book very much because you have a good writing style. I was very interested in Miguel’s illness and I always wanted to know what would happen next. It wasn’t easy to read because the vocabulary is very strange. The best parts of the book were the times when Miguel spent his time with Aunt Shirley. I think Miguel is a very strong and a person full of hope and that is great.
--Alexandra Bachinger

I liked the book very much because it was easy to read and I liked the content very much! The most interesting part is where Miguel is in hospital. The ideas he passed were like you was in Miguel’s head! The only negative fact I want to tell you is that the ending was a little bit uninteresting (in a way). This book was a great read and I`d like to read another one of you books ! --Ilias Grivelis

Göteborg, Sweden (2005)


Hanging out with Inger Larsson, Johan Borg and Mats Larsson, while launching Fear Ain't All That and Don't Be Afraid of Heaven at the Bok & Bibliotek held at the Svenska Mässan.