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Just Say Mikey

Just Say Mikey
• is currently available at all book retailers via special order (ISBN: 1591130972)
• remained on Amazon/France’s Top Ten (Action & Adventure) list over 7-consecutive months
• achieved a Barnes&Noble.com high-sales ranking of 266


Une leçon de vie sous couvert d'aventure,
5 mars 2003

"Miguel est le héros de cette fiction surprenante. Atteint d’une maladie grave, et impuissant dans ce monde parfois cruel des adultes, cet enfant, tel Huckleberry Finn nous emporte dans ses aventures. Just Say Mikey est non seulement une nouvelle à rebondissements mais aussi une philosophie, un voyage spirituel que le lecteur (petit ou grand) peut apprendre et appliquer à sa propre histoire."

-- Melanie Desliens

(English) translation:
A lesson of life under cover of adventure,
March 05, 2003

“Miguel is the hero of this surprising fiction. Stricken with a serious illness, and seemingly unimportant in this sometimes cruel world of the adults, this child, like Huckleberry Finn, carries us along in his adventures. ‘Just Say Mikey’ is not only a book with bounce but as a philosophy, a spiritual voyage as the reader (young or old) can learn and apply to his own history.”


An amazing journey through the mind of Mikey,
July 11, 2002

"This book is very inspiring in many aspects. It focuses a lot on spirituality. Even if you do not believe in God there are many other important lessons and morals. I personally enjoyed watching Mikey grow as a person. I think you will look at your life differently after reading this book. I would recommend this book for all ages."

-- A 12-year old reader


March 2002

“In Just Say Mikey, Clint Adams has crafted a beautiful, very touching book, full of wisdom about life:
• becoming comfortable as being different
• dealing with anger
• staying with hope
• and most importantly, creating one’s own destiny.

I couldn’t put it down, and strongly recommend it to both young people and adults.”

-- Carla Perez, M.D., 13-year ABC-Radio talk show host, practicing psychiatrist for over thirty years