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Calling ALL teens…

For some of you, life’s a breeze. There’s not much to be afraid of when you’re young. You know why? You haven’t learned that many fears yet.
For the rest of us…Well, I’m not a teen, but you know what I mean…it takes a little more effort.
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Read with your ears…to get the WHOLE story.

Tired of waiting for the plot to get better? No, I’m not talking about watching reality TV. I’m referring to that clunker of a novel you just decided to buy. Have you ever uttered those famous last words, “I just know it’s going to get better towards the end…isn’t  Read More 
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Traveling: the best opportunity to learn there is.

In Munich nearly three months now, I continue meeting new and interesting people. Most recently, at a book reading taking place at Amerika Haus, presented by Munich Writers . Yes, the beer is great...but, there's more to life-changing social interaction than just that. Seriously. Ask Paris Hilton, who sported a designer-derndl, after her visit  Read More 
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