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The time is NOW.

“I’ll get around to it.” “Not just yet.” “The timing isn’t quite right.”
It’s true, there’s a time for everything. But there’s no such thing as the PERFECT time. It doesn’t exist. The older I get, the more I believe that the “perfect” time for something is when  Read More 
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“Mañana, mañana” is a healthy concept…but life’s still short.

Where do you live? No matter if you’re moving to Modesto, Maine or Mauritius, you’ll have to make adjustments once you’re there. ¿Verdad? Whether you love change or despise it, --it happens! I happen to love it (change, not…). How about you?
After living in Spain nearly one month now, I  Read More 
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Another Day, Another Culture.

What’s your definition of ‘the best education’ you could have? A law degree from Harvard? Online studies in taxidermy? A master’s in fear-ology? I bet every one of you is able to come up with a unique and distinctive answer. As for me, it’s the same old, same old. I’ve  Read More 
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Stop! What’s the Rush?

I have no idea how forwarded e-mails are copyright-regulated, but below is a gem. Just as I’ve returned from Barcelona, thinking it was going to be the “be-all/end-all,” it didn’t seem to come close to what Munich (where I now live) has to offer. Maybe it’s timing, maybe it was  Read More 
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Controlling Your Destiny.

Are you waiting for a literary agent or publisher to get back to you? To tell you your work is “good enough, a perfect fit, or marketable?” If patience is a virtue, then get ready for sainthood. I guess I’m a sinner, because I couldn’t wait any longer. Do you sin?
Instead  Read More 
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Is anything EVER overdue?

I guess you have to live a few years to answer that one. Maybe I’m finally at that point now. How about you?
Yesterday, O.J. Simpson’s sentence was issued by a Nevada judge. As I get older, less and less surprises me. Somehow I expected justice to prevail…at some point.  Read More 
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What are your thoughts? Is fear natural? Or is it something learned?

Any feedback you'd like to offer after having pondered these questions would be most appreciated.
What would it feel like to have no fear at all? Ever?
What's your GREATEST fear?
AND What if your best friend had this same fear, and wanted your advice on how to get rid of it, what would  Read More 
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Things that are meant to be.

Hey everyone, I’ve got news for you. Have you ever “Searched Inside?” No, I haven’t turned into Dr. Phil; I’m talking about the “Search Inside” feature offered by Amazon. It’s great. The contents of all four of my books are searchable. And, if I had to guess, I’d say  Read More 
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If it ain't broke...fix it anyway!

Guess what I love about America? No, not McDonald's, Burger King or Popeye's Fried Chicken. I love that the changes we choose to make are celebrated. They're looked upon as courageous and bold.
In Italy, change is looked down upon; if you move out of the town in which you were born, you're viewed  Read More 
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A cry for help is the LOUDEST form of communication. When it happens, you’d BETTER be listening.

More and more these days, cries for help can be heard from just about everywhere. If you know anyone who’s ever looked at the actions of Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears, but they’ve only responded with criticism, they’ve missed the boat entirely…they just don’t get it!
If you’re  Read More 
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