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Happy Independence Day!

Hey everyone,
Happy Fourth to you all!! Wherever you are, may there be many weenies on the fire, sand in your shoes, sunscreen on your face, and may the Coors, Bud or Augustiner Bräu be free-flowing.
As it turns out, The Seventh Ritual, my newest novel for adults, will not be released today  Read More 
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Stop! What’s the Rush?

I have no idea how forwarded e-mails are copyright-regulated, but below is a gem. Just as I’ve returned from Barcelona, thinking it was going to be the “be-all/end-all,” it didn’t seem to come close to what Munich (where I now live) has to offer. Maybe it’s timing, maybe it was  Read More 
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Is anything EVER overdue?

I guess you have to live a few years to answer that one. Maybe I’m finally at that point now. How about you?
Yesterday, O.J. Simpson’s sentence was issued by a Nevada judge. As I get older, less and less surprises me. Somehow I expected justice to prevail…at some point.  Read More 
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