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BLOG / As a writer, no 2 words have more meaning than…THE END.

It was a starry foreboding night long ago now. Rather than the end being in sight, it was an unanticipated beginning, a miracle chance to start life anew. And I was scared shitless.

After having solved the mystery of my lifetime on December 31, 1991, I’d spent nearly the entirety of 1992 wondering ‘What do I  Read More 
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Headstones, copyright law, a writer’s workplace...and coincidences.

“Hey Holger, Why don’t you read one of my books sometime,” I suggested innocently. “No, I don’t zink zo…too deprezzing.” “What are you talkin’ about? No, not depressing. Inspirational. And, they’re actually kinda funny.” Holger shook his head from side-to-side and we went back to guzzling, I mean, zipping our  Read More 
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The time is NOW.

“I’ll get around to it.” “Not just yet.” “The timing isn’t quite right.”
It’s true, there’s a time for everything. But there’s no such thing as the PERFECT time. It doesn’t exist. The older I get, the more I believe that the “perfect” time for something is when  Read More 
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What are your thoughts? Is fear natural? Or is it something learned?

Any feedback you'd like to offer after having pondered these questions would be most appreciated.
What would it feel like to have no fear at all? Ever?
What's your GREATEST fear?
AND What if your best friend had this same fear, and wanted your advice on how to get rid of it, what would  Read More 
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Calling ALL teens…

For some of you, life’s a breeze. There’s not much to be afraid of when you’re young. You know why? You haven’t learned that many fears yet.
For the rest of us…Well, I’m not a teen, but you know what I mean…it takes a little more effort.
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