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My 2010 wish for you.

Keep asking why. You know why? Because that’s why we’re here. OK, enough with the question words. Yes, over and over and over again, this theme repeats itself, much akin to history (for those who haven’t yet learned from it, because they never asked, w--?) In my opinion, history’s just old news unless we’ve chosen to learn a little something from it.

How many of you have heard the quote, “The unexamined life is not worth living?” My hope is lots. It happens to be my favorite quote of all time. For years, I never actually knew who said it; Aristotle, a bible, Sigmund Freud or Joan Rivers. As it turns out it was Socrates, a real stand-up, olive-eating Greek guy. He’s known for saying some other real smart stuff, too.

There’s so many wise folks out there that have so much to share. It amazes me. Different insights, strategies and instruments to help others change, grow, become happy and create success. They’re all providing such valuable services by fulfilling their true purposes in life…helping others with the gifts they’ve been given.

We’ve all received a priceless gift though, our own unique life, the best teacher of all. The lives we’ve been given allow us to ask, why?, nearly every freakin’ day. Not questions like, “Why didn’t Tiger Woods use a condom?” or “Why is Paris Hilton still in the news?” No, these are too sophisticated, multi-layered and complex…and they’re not about YOU.

If you begin 2010 by asking ‘why?’ after something’s happened to you, I guarantee you’ll have an answer soon after you ask. The answer will also come with the following attachment (please scan prior to opening): [“(XYZ happened)…because you were supposed to learn from it. It’s neither good nor bad; it’s one of your lessons. That’s why you’re here.”].pdf.

Happy New Year, y’all!!! And, after having thrown up on your partner’s silk shirt at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve, ask yourself the next morning why. Maybe you need to learn compassion…next time aim for the closest toilet, sink or potted plant.

This is syndicated from CLINT ADAMS BOOKS blog.

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