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Be An Innovator, Be Yourself.

If you agree that ancient cavemen had a sense of humor, here’s a little something they may have said to one another, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” Answer, “Because it had never been done before.” OK, it’s not a belly laugh. It may not even warrant a chiseled-on-a-stone-tablet LOL or :-), but that’s beside the point. Back in the day when everyone was named either Flintstone or Rubble, everything was being done for the first time.

Let’s face it, innovation rocks. So, does that mean we’ve all gotta gather at the Water Buffalo Lodge? Move to Bedrock? Work at a quarry? Party hearty in Rock Vegas? No…too far. Too unnecessary. Why not be an innovator in your own hometown. That’s why my hometown will forever and always be San Francisco, the city that thrives on innovation. Did you know that at one time EVERYONE believed that the Golden Gate Bridge could never be built? Everyone except Joseph Strauss. Against all odds, the bridge was constructed and continues to carry over 100,000 travelers a day. It also carries the distinction of being the most photographed man-made object in the world. Even more than Madonna.

In life, there are leaders and there are followers. Oops, wait a minute. That’s not life, that’s Twitter (strangely enough, headquartered in San Fran. along with Google and other weird words). Where do you live? Where do you come from? And, most important, where are you going? Do you plan to follow a blueprint made by someone else? Or are you going to draw your own? If you need to borrow a pencil, I’ve got plenty to share. Just ask.

I miss the Bay Area; I’m in London now. Despite the constant rain, darkness and gloom, I’m happy with my decision to move here…especially when I invest in a six-pack at the end of the day. I’ve met a lot of interesting, intelligent and inspired people. I socialize more. I network more. Sometimes I even socially network (a phrase most likely coined in S.F.). There are many events here led by professionals who really know their stuff. They’re passionate, they’ve helped a ton of folks and (in my opinion) they’re fulfilling their purpose in life.

In the U.S., I never attended a personal development event before, nor had I ever heard the term NLP. I still don’t know what the word paradigm means and I’ve never seen THE SECRET. Instead, I write. I like to create, not follow. I seek change by making it happen. Not to discount what works well for others; instead, I applaud any and all techniques that help. Again, these teachers are experts and I respect and admire them.

I also respect and admire the people I meet in these events, the change-seekers. It takes courage to seek out new ways of living. At the same time, it takes courage to be yourself. Copying’s easy; it takes little to no imagination. Although we’re created equal, it’s our uniqueness that gives us something new and different to offer. This is what gives us our desire to learn, as well as our desire to teach.

Whether you’re a Flintstone, a Rubble, or even a Slaghoople (Wilma’s maiden name), absorb and appreciate what you feel is helpful and useful, but at the end of the day…do it your way. Invent a brand new solution. Be innovative. Be yourself.

Yabba-dabba-doo, y’all.

This is syndicated from CLINT ADAMS BOOKS blog.

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