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Brüno: Stereotype? Or a mediocre laugh at his, I mean, OUR expense?

Brüno, the film not the man, came out today. What are your thoughts? Personally, I can only laugh (at the film, at the premise itself). You know why? I’m old enough to recall the genius of Archie Bunker. A character (in the TV series, ALL IN THE FAMILY) created for us all to laugh at merely because of his prejudices, his superimposed stereotypes. I laughed hysterically at nearly everything he had to say; (although I was just a kid) I don’t ever recall having been offended. He was just TOO silly, TOO ignorant. (At a young age) Archie made me realize the silliness of it all, while enlightening me at the same time. I can only be grateful.
And, from a more personal perspective and F.Y.I., blogging comes with a price. I’m an honest guy, but I steer clear of being both political and being politically correct. If someone chooses to read my blog/my books, I can only assume that they are, literally and figuratively, on the same page as me. True? Not much energy goes into it. I conceded long ago that many others are far better at illumination than I.
Brüno is Archie, in reverse. Both absurd, both surreal, both fiction, both created for our collective entertainment. Is everyone and anyone involved in the fashion industry a flamer? I hardly think so. Is every loading-dock foreman from Astoria, Queens a bigot? Most likely not.
All I know is that ALL IN THE FAMILY was revolutionary, a colossal wake-up call. Brüno is 4, yes 4, decades behind the times. It’s got to be more-than-quality writing to make me laugh at gay people merely because they’re gay. I hope you feel the same.
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