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Happy Independence Day!

Hey everyone,
Happy Fourth to you all!! Wherever you are, may there be many weenies on the fire, sand in your shoes, sunscreen on your face, and may the Coors, Bud or Augustiner Bräu be free-flowing.
As it turns out, The Seventh Ritual, my newest novel for adults, will not be released today as scheduled. Instead, I'll continue to celebrate the countdown of my life...the day this book leaves my hands, and instead, lives in bookstores.
I knew I should have listened to my little pal Pauly (on page 168) when he'd said,
[If it’s not one thing it’s the other. As per usual, whatever was supposed to go right didn’t. It all had to do with Number #4, but that one was just going to have to happen some other day. Something had gone wrong again, or they weren’t able to get some doohickey that needed to go with it. Whatever. Although I’m curious, I don’t mind waiting to find out later.
On Sunday morning television programs they tell you that patience is a virtue. I think that comes from the bible or TV Guide. I’m not really sure. I get the two of them mixed up sometimes. Watching television’s fun, I do it all the time.
But don’t get me started on all those ads they run for the Emergency Broadcast System. It really frosts me when they put those smack dab in the middle of my Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoons. And that sound they make that goes with it, it scares the daylights out of me.]
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