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Freedom is Priceless. 5 Days Left ‘Til the Fourth. Get Ready.

Taking freedom for granted is like slapping history in the face. Many have suffered so we may live freely. I’m not just talking about the soldiers that fought for American independence against the British…I’m talking about ALL history, every kind of it.
Have you ever been in an abusive relationship? Have you ever wished you could come out but couldn’t? Have you ever felt imprisoned with no escape in sight? Every example I can cite has a past behind it. Millions have suffered just as we suffer. We must be grateful to those that have come before us. They are the ones that set us free. Maybe they never knew they’d be helping others down the line…they were merely trying to do whatever they could to survive. Their lives had tremendous meaning. Remember them. Be grateful to these champions.
All I can do, now that my newest book is done, is reflect on all those that have inspired me to get it finished and become free. Recently, I’ve made mention of Monica Seles, Farrah Fawcett and Susan Boyle. Their histories are different, but all three have suffered, all three have overcome. Farrah went onto heaven, but she went having accomplished something incredible…showing us all what a great gift life is. What a memorable purpose she was given.
I don’t know if there’s so much cohesion to this particular blog, but I hope you take time to reflect on your own life. Did someone come before you that helped you become free? If so, thank them. And, on that particular note…
Thank you for reading this blog, thank you for reading my books, thank you for taking me seriously as a writer. Writing is the instrument from which I’ve chosen to become free. On the Fourth of July, THE SEVENTH RITUAL will leave my hands, my heart, my body, my past, my childhood, my history, my life, my soul, and will instead live in bookstores. I wish it the best. It was written for one purpose…freedom. I am counting the seconds. I hope YOU will too…countdown to your own personal Independence Day. And when you finally get there, enjoy the celebration of your life.
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