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“Mañana, mañana” is a healthy concept…but life’s still short.

Where do you live? No matter if you’re moving to Modesto, Maine or Mauritius, you’ll have to make adjustments once you’re there. ¿Verdad? Whether you love change or despise it, --it happens! I happen to love it (change, not…). How about you?
After living in Spain nearly one month now, I find myself happy with this change I manifested. I wasn’t born with a “mañana, mañana” mentality, but I can’t deny that it comes with important benefits (like extending your lifespan). So, which means more to you? Living longer? Or staying on track and making your dreams come true? Or don’t you even think in ‘black & white’ as I do? Maybe the healthiest transformation of all is the installation of gray into your internal color scheme.

I chose Barcelona, I chose it for a reason. I wanted to move to a locale that offered sunny skies, friendly people and a pleasant, more relaxed atmosphere from which to write and (finally) complete my current novel. I’m getting there. Barcelona is gray. Maybe I’ll finish my book soon, maybe not. Either way, I’m working on it again (something I haven’t done in nearly a year). Wherever you’re from, wherever you are or wherever you’re going next…I hope you’ll read THE SEVENTH RITUAL when it comes out. Upon reading it, I’m hoping you’ll learn more about the origins of fear and the transformative power of compassion (the color gray).
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