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Another Day, Another Culture.

What’s your definition of ‘the best education’ you could have? A law degree from Harvard? Online studies in taxidermy? A master’s in fear-ology? I bet every one of you is able to come up with a unique and distinctive answer. As for me, it’s the same old, same old. I’ve written this before, but I still believe that the best education available to both kids and adults is to have the opportunity to discover, learn about, be open to, and embrace new and different cultures.
I also think I’ve used the “- it’s the reason we’re here” suffix for a million-and-one causes for life, but ‘other people/other cultures’ has to be in the All-Time Top Ten. For me, in the past few weeks, when I think of the reasons I should move to Barcelona as I’d planned, I keep thinking that it’s a great opportunity to learn from another culture. I LOVE it here in Munich; it seems to offer everything. But, when I think about it, it’s maybe too similar to what I already know, what I’m so familiar with. I love being organized, punctual, professional, type-A…but I miss A LOT because of being this way. Can you relate?
When I moved to Italy a few years ago, my entire live changed. I became more patient. I had to. At first, I hated this. I couldn’t accept this new culture so readily, but the longer I lived there, the more I appreciated it, its people and the huge lesson it was teaching me. As a writer, I spend too much alone time. I’ve learned to relish this. I’ve been this way for years. During these two weeks, I learned that this is the biggest change I need/want to make. I have a strong feeling that this will change in Barcelona. I’m open to learning from what this new culture has to offer. Now, I can’t wait to go.
So…hasta la próxima… Adiós, mis amigos.
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