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Is anything EVER overdue?

I guess you have to live a few years to answer that one. Maybe I’m finally at that point now. How about you?
Yesterday, O.J. Simpson’s sentence was issued by a Nevada judge. As I get older, less and less surprises me. Somehow I expected justice to prevail…at some point. It’s not something I was waiting for; I just imagined that someday O.J. Simpson would be held accountable for his (presumed) actions. Again, I applaud the determination of the Goldman family and the devotion they’ve continued to have for their son/brother, Ron. Without them, karmic justice never would have occurred. Now they can all move on.
Up until a few months ago, I continued to feel pangs of disappointment at Hillary Clinton’s loss. Somehow I felt it was unjust. Not to take anything away from Barack Obama, I like him as well. But, I’ve never seen such a valiant effort as Hillary’s. I thought Sen. Clinton would have made an excellent President, but now that time has passed, I can see that she’d be an even better Secretary of State. I can’t think of anyone better for this most crucial job and this most critical time. It must have been in the cards.
It’s been a very, very long time since I’ve done any writing or book marketing. When I look back at my efforts, I can only be reminded of the incredible people, especially teens, I’ve met along the way. You have changed the course of my life in a very positive way, and I will always be grateful to you. Thanks once again for the interest you have shown in the messages I’ve shared with you. I hope you gained something from them.
As the New Year approaches, I plan to continue my book-writing/marketing quest. My goal is to offer you something that will give you a new and different perspective on your own life. I hope you continue to create long-reaching goals…and of course, ALWAYS believe you’ll see the day when your dreams become real. When they do, they’ll never be overdue.
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