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Things that are meant to be.

Hey everyone, I’ve got news for you. Have you ever “Searched Inside?” No, I haven’t turned into Dr. Phil; I’m talking about the “Search Inside” feature offered by Amazon. It’s great. The contents of all four of my books are searchable. And, if I had to guess, I’d say that the phrase contained most frequently in every one of them is ‘meant to be.’ And I write NOVELS…go figure. Thank God for ‘Visionary Fiction.’
Last time, (in this blog) I wrote about change. The colossal need for it. Now, it seems every politician, except for Larry Craig, is change’s biggest proponent. Are you making changes this New Year? I hope so…you’ll be glad you did. I’m back in Italy again, this time for three months, living in a converted convent. I do my best to keep my four-letter words to a minimum (excluding, of course, ‘Ciao’).
What am I doing here? Finishing up (writing/editing) my latest book. Everything about it is different, perhaps ‘meant to be.’ This morning, I started my German 2.1 class here in Firenze, so I can make my best attempt at being AUSGEZEICHNET as I begin marketing my new book throughout Germany. Don’t get me wrong, writing and revising a book in an Italian convent is great, but the only way I’d ever be able to sell my books here is if it was filled with prosciutto crudo between its pages; thus, the German launch. I’m excited.
I’m excited, because I get to start over. No more teen novels, no more visionary fiction, no more ‘living without fear’ themes. No more school visits. No marketing in the U.S. It's all completely different. In April, in Germany, I’ll be launching my very first book, my fifth one. It’s a psychological thriller called, THE SEVEN RITUALS (a novel for adults). I love beginning again; it’s the ultimate in change. Not to sound too much about ‘self’, but I now feel I deserve the rewards that come from having worked so hard all these years. My wish for you is the same; I hope you get everything you deserve this New Year. Have a great one!!!
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