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Read with your ears…to get the WHOLE story.

Tired of waiting for the plot to get better? No, I’m not talking about watching reality TV. I’m referring to that clunker of a novel you just decided to buy. Have you ever uttered those famous last words, “I just know it’s going to get better towards the end…isn’t it?” OK, desperado…the fault’s not in the fiction. It’s in, I'm sorry to say,…“YOU!”
If you want to know more before making your next book purchase, learn as much as you can about your sacred subsequent-read. For those of you that are still with me, and aren’t now tuned-in to The Surreal Life, Age of Love or Survivor XXII: East Orange, NJ, please check out my new radio show: Author Clint Adams | Fear Bytes Radio Show. There, you'll have the opportunity of realizing if my novels are the perfect fit for you or your teen.
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