stories about facing fear

by Clint Adams


Historical fiction
The stars are infallible; one’s true destiny cannot be altered. Or can it? publication date: June 01, 2015
"You must discover the cause of your unhappiness by the end of this year…or you will not live to see the next.” Disgusted and disbelieving, 34-year old Paul Jacobson dismisses what he’s told by a Greenwich Village psychic. Only days later though, while running in the New York City Marathon, Paul’s mind leads him back…to a past he’s never known. This journey begins the race for his life.
Teen/Young Adult
Currently #1-ranked in Korea (Teen Visionary Fiction) “What if time runs out?” is the question that makes 14-year old Miguel Estes sweat almost every night. Life's short. Have you done all you want?
Now TOP TEN-ranked for tenth-straight month in Korea (Teen Visionary Fiction) Who wouldn’t want to be fearless? After overcoming a fear-filled life, 13-year old Miguel Estes uncovers life’s most potent and debilitating fear while sprinting his way to freedom.
Now TOP TEN-ranked for tenth-straight month in Korea (Teen Visionary Fiction) Miguel is unique. He has a lifetime measured by days not years; he happens to live with E.B., but he spends little time thinking about it. For Miguel, living with fear is far more deadly than this fatal disease could ever be.
Amazon/France TOP-TEN-ranked (Action & Adventure) over 7-consecutive months. Now out of print, but still available via special order at all book retailers.
È facile, è la verità: la vita inizia soltanto quando la paura è eliminata.
Fiktion: Jugendlicher
Das einzige Hindernis zwischen Ihnen und Ihr Schicksal ist Angst. Beseitigen Sie Angst...und Sie werden Ihr Traum leben.
Romanzi per Adoloscenti ed Adulti
Una lezione per Miguel, per tutti: Una persona che non ha paura di morte, non ha paura.

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