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Brno: Stereotype? Or a mediocre laugh at his, I mean, OUR expense?

July 10, 2009

Tags: Prejudice, Bigotry, Stereotypes

Brno, the film not the man, came out today. What are your thoughts? Personally, I can only laugh (at the film, at the premise itself). You know why? Im old enough to recall the genius of Archie Bunker. A character (in the TV series, ALL IN THE FAMILY) created for us all (more…)


"You must discover the cause of your unhappiness by the end of this yearor you will not live to see the next. Disgusted and disbelieving, 34-year old Paul Jacobson dismisses what hes told by a Greenwich Village psychic. Only days later though, while running in the New York City Marathon, Pauls mind leads him backto a past hes never known. This journey begins the race for his life.
Teen/Young Adult
Currently #1-ranked in Korea (Teen Visionary Fiction) What if time runs out? is the question that makes 14-year old Miguel Estes sweat almost every night. Life's short. Have you done all you want?
Now TOP TEN-ranked for tenth-straight month in Korea (Teen Visionary Fiction) Who wouldnt want to be fearless? After overcoming a fear-filled life, 13-year old Miguel Estes uncovers lifes most potent and debilitating fear while sprinting his way to freedom.
Now TOP TEN-ranked for tenth-straight month in Korea (Teen Visionary Fiction) Miguel is unique. He has a lifetime measured by days not years; he happens to live with E.B., but he spends little time thinking about it. For Miguel, living with fear is far more deadly than this fatal disease could ever be.
Amazon/France TOP-TEN-ranked (Action & Adventure) over 7-consecutive months. Now out of print, but still available via special order at all book retailers.
facile, la verit: la vita inizia soltanto quando la paura eliminata.
Fiktion: Jugendlicher
Das einzige Hindernis zwischen Ihnen und Ihr Schicksal ist Angst. Beseitigen Sie Angst...und Sie werden Ihr Traum leben.
Romanzi per Adoloscenti ed Adulti
Una lezione per Miguel, per tutti: Una persona che non ha paura di morte, non ha paura.
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